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An epic force returns to mobile & PC! Download Today!

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Can you escape from Planet Sneeze?

AHHH...CHOO! Global cult cartoon phenomenon Sneezeman returns to run, jump and sneeze his way out of trouble in the incredible new adventure Return to Planet Sneeze!


Beware gamers! Sneezeman is not for the faint hearted, you will need an iron will and finely honed, next level motor skills to help our hapless hero escape the relentless clutches of the ‘sneeze cloud’...

Will you be quick enough to save Sneezeman and return order to the Sneeze-verse?


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50000 Leagues and Modern Toss celebrate the launch of 'Sneezeman: Return To Planet Sneeze' with a freshly minted collection of 9 unique art pieces from the Sneezeman digital game universe, created by irreverent British cartoonists Modern Toss, and now available to collect.


About 50000 Leagues

50K Leagues is a 21st century gaming initiative focusing on the creation of original, disruptive new character driven gaming IP for mobile and PC. Based in the U.K. with offices in London & Brighton, the founders of 50K Leagues are passionate about gaming and bringing new adventures to life...

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