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50000 Leagues Limited (“50000 Leagues” or “we”) cares deeply about your privacy and the protection of your personal data.


We have created this Privacy Policy so you fully understand what information we collect from you, why we ask for that information, how we protect it, what we do with it, and how you can communicate with us for further information or to ask us to stop collecting the information.


We set our privacy standards by the most stringent data protection rules in the world – that of the United Kingdom and the European Union. In that context, 50000 Leagues is the “data controller”. In other words, we determine the purpose and the manner in which the personal data you supply is processed.


By downloading and playing our games, or interacting with our websites or other services, you agree to the use of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns about providing information to us, or it being used as described in this Privacy Policy, you should not use our games or other services.


To contact us, please send an email to this address:




We only collect information from or about you that is necessary for us to provide the best gaming experience for you in our games and community. We do not collect data for all games, but should we need to collect minimal the mandatory information the reason for this would be that we need it in order to operate the particular game you have chosen to play. The information which you have an option to provide voluntarily allows us expand your options to enjoy the experience.


Under European Union legislation, the legal bases under which we collect information is described as follows:


- Contractual Necessity: This covers information used by us in order to provide you with services that you have requested, and that we have agreed to provide to you, such as our games, customer services, and third party social network connectivity such as via our forums.

- Legitimate Interests: This covers information used by us for purposes that are not harmful to your privacy and can be reasonably expected within the context of your use of our services, such as marketing, advertising, analytics and research and optimisation of our games.

- Legal Obligation: This covers information used by us to comply with a legal obligation, such as the prevention of crime or fraud or to maintain records relating to tax.

- Consent: Where we ask for your consent to use your information for a particular purpose, we will make this clear at the point of collection and we will also make clear how you can withdraw your consent.


Below is a list of the mandatory and voluntary information we collect for games, and if applicable, forums:



  1. Mandatory information and required for the games to function:

  2. Username

  3. Device Identity (Used for identifying and facilitating customer service)

  4. Geo-location of device (this is connected to our ability to have the games on the various App stores and allows us to show correct pricing based on your location)

  5. Internet Protocol (IP) address (this is necessary for communication between our servers and the game app on your device) 

  6. Voluntary information and completely at your option to provide or not. (The information is used to enhance gameplay, provide appropriate offers, facilitate purchases, and allow you to play the game on multiple devices).

  7. Email address

  8. Facebook identity

  9. Google Play identity

  10. iTunes account identity




The particular things we do with the mandatory information collected are listed in the previous section.


We also analyse and use the information that we collect on an anonymised or aggregated basis to help develop our products, to analyse the performance of our games, to troubleshoot and to improve and optimise the games to ensure the best experience for you.


Finally, we work with partner organizations (in the context of European Union privacy law, they are considered “data processors”) to assist us in analyzing the data that our games produce so that we can better understand what players like you are doing in the game and use that understanding to improve your experience. We also share certain data with partners who help us with marketing and advertising.  For further details on us sharing information, please see the next section.




In addition to other disclosures described in this Privacy Policy, we also share your information in the following manner:


- In circumstances where we have your consent to do so

- Where we need to do so to provide our services to you (for example, we may need to share your information to companies we use to help us deliver our services)

- Where we need to in order to follow your instructions (for example, to process a payment)

- Where your information is within a compilation of information that is anonymous and, therefore, you cannot be identified from it

- Where we believe (reasonably) that sharing is legally allowed or is necessary for us to comply with a legal obligation, or necessary to enforce our terms of service or any other agreement with you, or to protect the rights, property or safety of 50000 Leagues or our players

- If there any corporate event that affects 50000 Leagues (eg. a sale, restructuring, etc..or in preparation of anything like that), any person or company which buys 50000 Leagues or its assets will have the right to continue to use the information you provide to us in the ways described in this Privacy Policy


As part of these efforts, we may share the following information with our data processing partners: device identifiers, email addresses, geolocation, and Facebook identifier. For our marketing and advertising efforts, we may share geolocation, names, email addresses, and advertising identifiers (we describe these below).




We use information we collect about you to send you marketing communications and related services. For example, we may send emails, serve advertising, or place ads on third-party websites, apps and Internet-connected devices. This section also explained how you can opt out of this.


We use information about you to try to make sure you always see marketing from us that might be of interest to you. This includes using information that we may have about you, such as:


- Advertising identifiers (see below)

- The games you play and information about how you interact with our games and services

- Your IP address, country or region

- Other information that we might acquire from third parties who have obtained your consent or have another legal right to share that information with us


When we market our games in media published by other companies, we use third-party marketing partners to help us. Our partners help us to provide ads to you by using data which they have collected about you.  They collect this information when you use their services or the websites and services of other companies. Our partners use this information to make assumptions about the kind of advertising you would prefer to see. If they believe that you would be interested in seeing an ad for 50000 Leagues games or services they may serve you with such an ad. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the collection of your information by our partners. We recommend that you review our partners’ privacy policies for more information.


You can opt out of receiving direct marketing from us in the following ways:


- To stop receiving email marketing from us, please click on the unsubscribe link in any direct marketing email we send to you or send an email to

- To turn off interest-based advertising, please see the  instructions in the section below


Please note that even if you opt out of receiving interest-based advertising, you will still see advertising and you may see advertising from us, but that advertising will not be targeted using your personal information.




To provide our games and interest-based advertising, we use advertising identifiers and similar technologies. This section describes our use of these technologies and how you can manage your preferences.


Advertising identifiers and similar technologies are used by us to provide our services to you and in order to collect data from your device. These technologies allow us and our third party advertising partners to:

- recognise you and your device

- provide interest-based advertising to you

- allow our services to interact with a third party social network or platform (where you have chosen to allow such interaction)

- allow our payment processors to process your payment instructions; and

- enable us and third parties to provide you with more customized services, for example to provide our services in the correct language


How do advertising identifiers and similar technologies work?

Ad identifiers are non-permanent, non-personal identifiers such as the Android advertising ID and/or Apple’s ID for advertising (the IDFA), which are uniquely associated with your device. Similar technologies include tracking pixels within ads. These technologies allow companies (including marketers and advertisers) to recognise your device when you use websites and applications.




50000 Leagues does not share your personal data with third parties without your prior consent in the countries where collecting users’ consent may be required by applicable laws and regulations. 


When you consent to the collection of data for advertising and analytics purpose, we may share the data listed above with the following categories of recipients:

Ad Partners: Companies that allow us to monetize the ad inventory of our apps / programs and provide users with free products and services. These partners usually collect data via their own tools (Software Development Kits or “SDK”). Below is a list of preferred partners whose advertising SDKs may be used in our applications / programs. Please check the following privacy policies to learn more about their privacy practices, including how you may exercise your data subject rights:

- AdColony -

- AppLovin -

- Chartboost -

- Facebook -

- Fyber -

- Google AdMob - 

- InMobi -

- IronSource -

- Mintegral -

- Mopub -

- Ogury -

- Pangle -

- Snap -

- Tapjoy -

- Unity Ads -

- Verizon Media -

- Vungle -


Analytic companies: These companies provide tools and technologies that allow us to better understand how users interact with our services and help us improve it. These partners also usually collect data via their own SDKs. Please check the following privacy policies to learn more about their privacy practices, including how you may exercise your data subject rights:

- Adjust -

- GameAnalytics -

- Google Analytics -

- Mixpanel -

- Singular -

- Tenjin -


Local Authorities: only to the extent we are obliged to by applicable laws and regulations.




You can choose to prevent your device’s advertising identifier being used for interest-based advertising, or you can reset your device’s advertising identifier, by changing the settings of your device. Settings vary from device to device but you will usually find the advertising identifier settings under “privacy” or “ads” in your device’s settings.


If you live in the USA, Europe or Canada, you can also opt-out from the collection of your information by some or all of our advertising partners who participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance by visiting (for US users), (for European users) or (for Canadian users).


You can also click on the AdChoices logo within an advertisement (where available).


If you choose to adjust your preferences in order to prevent these technologies, you may find that you cannot enjoy the full use of our services.


Please note that adjusting your preferences as described in this section does not mean you will no longer receive advertising, it only means the advertising you do see will be less relevant to your interests.




If you choose, you may opt-in to various features which may be available as part of our services which allow you to voluntarily share information, whether to a group of users designated by you in one of our games (for example, a “Trooper buddy list” or “friends” who also have a registered account) or to everyone (for example, when you post user generated content to a publicly accessible area on the forums). You are cautioned not to post your personal information in the interest of safety, privacy and security. You should not post your address, telephone number, or anything that might put you at risk. We are not responsible for monitoring this information and are not liable for any consequences that may result from the exchange of this information.


It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your 50000 Leagues account password and not to reveal this information to others.




Your information is stored on servers which are protected behind a firewall. These servers can only be connected to from inside a protected network and those connections are only allowed from specific designated systems. Our servers are located in the United States. We may engage providers located both within the European Union and outside it to process your information and to provide services to us.


As noted above, we store your information on servers outside the European Union and may transfer your information to affiliated entities or third parties who are located in jurisdictions both inside and outside the European Union. Please note that the countries outside the European Union may not have the same data protection laws as your own jurisdiction. We make sure that our providers have adequate safety measures and processes in place (including the use of European Union type clauses in their contracts) to allow the transfer of your information across borders outside of the European Union.


We take appropriate security and technical measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, loss and misuse. In addition, we ask our suppliers who process personal information on our behalf take a range of security measures designed to help protect your personal information and maintain an appropriate level of security. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your information online and offline, as the Internet by its nature is not a secure environment and the nature of security risks is constantly evolving. As such you should always take care when sharing your information online.


Internally, we restrict access to your personal information to only those that need access to it. We rely on user authentication and a restricted access to our databases to enforce those restrictions.  For example, our customer service personnel are able to access your information and records to assist you with issues with your account but our graphic artists are not.




Our games are intended to be played by adults and we do not knowingly collect, and do not wish to collect, information about children. Please do not play our games or use our services if you are under the relevant ages set out below.


To play our games and use our services, you must be over a certain age. This age can vary depending upon where you live.


For most of the World, you must be 13 years old to play. The exceptions to this are listed below:


You must be 14 years old if you live in Austria.


You must be 15 years old if you live in Finland.


You must be 16 years old if you live in France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Slovakia.


If you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under the relevant age set out above, please contact us. In the event that we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under the relevant age set out above, we will delete that information as quickly as possible.




You have certain rights connected to your personal information and what we do with it. We’ve listed these rights below:


- Right of Access: You have a right to know what information we have about you and, in some cases, to have the information sent to you. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact us  and let us know that you wish to exercise your right of access and what information in particular you would like to receive. We reserve the right to ask for reasonable evidence to verify your identity before we provide you with any information. Please note that we may not be able to provide all the information you ask for, for instance if the information includes personal information about another person. Where we are not able to provide you with information that you have asked for, we will try to tell you why. We will try to respond to any request for a right of access as soon as possible, but we will always do so within 1 month of receipt of your request and verification of your identity.


- Right to Correct Personal Information: We try to keep the information that we hold about you accurate and up to date. Should you realize that any of the information that we have about you is incorrect, please let us know at and we will correct it as soon as we can.

- Data Deletion: In some circumstances you have a right to have some of the personal information that we hold about you deleted. Should you wish to have any information about you deleted, please contact us at Please note that in order to process your request you must delete our games from your mobile devices. Where we delete personal information about you, we may still retain some or all of that information for other purposes such as maintaining financial records, protecting or enforcing legal rights, maintaining marketing suppression lists or for technical reasons such as maintaining technical security or our database integrity. We may also retain your information in an anonymised form. In some instances, personal information about you that is visible through gameplay, such as your username, may be cached on other players’ devices and we may not be able to remove or update that data from those devices.

- Account Deactivation: You can ask us to deactivate your account by contacting us at . We may ask you for other information before we are able to deactivate your account. As part of the deactivation process, if you have connected them, you should also disassociate your Facebook and Google Play accounts from our games and delete our games from your mobile devices. Note that your progress in our games and any unspent virtual items will be lost.

- Right to Object: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information which is processed on the basis of legitimate interests (see description above).

- Revoking Consent: You have the right to revoke a consent you may have provided earlier. Please contact us at to do so, specifying the particulars.




We will keep your personal information only as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this Policy or such longer period as may be required to comply with our legal obligations.




You can update or make changes to the registration information stored in relation to your account or the forums. To update your account for the games or to close your account, please contact us at For the forums, you can make changes the changes you like by going to your profile and updating there.




When you click on links on our website, you may be directed away from our site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites and encourage you to read their privacy statements.




Cookies are very small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as allowing you to share content from this site on Facebook and other social networks. When you visit our website or register on our forums, a cookie will be placed on your browser. On our forums, we use cookies to improve your sign in experience. In that case, we may store your user name in a cookie that will remain on your computer after you sign out. This cookie allows your user name to be entered automatically, so that you will only need to type your password the next time you sign in.


You may have the ability to accept or decline cookies using the settings on your browser. However, if you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to sign in or use the forums.




We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and we will post the updated Privacy Policy on this page. Please come back to this page every now and then to make sure you are familiar with the latest version. Any new notice will be effective from the date it is published by us.




If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us on


This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 1st 2024.

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